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Tryon Toy Makers and Wood Carvers
1915 - 1940

by Michael J. McCue

In 1915 Eleanor Vance and Charlotte Yale, the co-founders of Biltmore Estate Industries, moved to Tryon and founded a new craft industry that flourished for the next quarter century. In the mountain village they trained young people to make some of the finest hand-carved wood objects and hand-painted toys ever produced in the United States. The operation became nationally recognized; it was one of the original members of the Southern Highlands Handicraft Guild. The sophisticated designs and remarkable execution of the Tryon toy makers and wood carvers are not typical of Southern "indigenous" highland craft. This introduces collectors and cultural historians to the uniquely cosmopolitan design influences of this distinctive oeuvre.

Published in conjunction with the exhibition at Tryon Fine Arts Center in 2004, this monograph was updated with captions in 2012 citing the location of important primary-source materials now in The Pauline Miller Cowan Collection at University of North Carolina's Ramsey Library in Asheville. A new 2017 third edition includes font styling for emphasis.

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